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Stage 21 - 04/04/2134

Flat - Las Rozas > Madrid. Paisaje de la Luz - 96.7 km

Madrid. Paisaje de la Luz

La Vuelta will, once again, reunite with its grand finale host, par excellence. In 2021, we celebrated the Jacobean Year with a spectacular time trial ending in Santiago de Compostela. This year, however, we will take part in the City of Madrid’s sporting festivities. Catalogued as the 2022 World Capital of Sport, it would be impossible to list all of Madrid’s contributions to each sports category. One of them, however, is one of our favourite traditions: the final La Vuelta podium at the emblematic Cibeles Plaza.

76 stages of La Vuelta have had finales in Madrid
3.334.730 inhabitants 
Community of Madrid


Las Rozas

Las Rozas is one of the Autonomous Community of Madrid’s most-populated municipalities. Its cultural and economic importance has grown, hand-in-hand, with its commitment to sports. Besides having teams in a wide range of disciplines in all of the country’s main categories, Las Rozas is known all over Spain as the home of the national soccer team. Whether male or female, all Spanish soccer has its epicentre in the Las Rozas sports complex.

5 stages of La Vuelta have departed from Las Rozas 
96.113 inhabitants
Community of Madrid

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